Tips To Avoid Pug Scams and Fraud Breeders

Adding a new fur baby to your family is a huge decision that requires planning and investment. In fact in many ways getting a new dog is a lot like adopting a baby with all the accompanying emotions. That is why when a pet buyer is scammed by a fraudulent breeder it can be extraordinarily traumatic and make it hard to trust another breeder. These kinds of scams seem especially prevalent in the world of pug breeding.

We love pugs and pug people, and we have heard many sad stories from heartbroken people after being scammed by fraud pug breeders. So we decided to take some time and put down some good things to look for in a legitimate pug breeder. Hopefully, this list can help you avoid financial and emotional loss next time you are in the market for a pug or another kind of pet.

  1. If the breeder is unwilling to let you see the pet in person before or the pictures they gave you appear on multiple sites find a different breeder.
  2. If the seller won’t give you an address and phone number or the phone number they give is in another country then think twice about a transaction.
  3. If the breeder says they are in one state then asks you to send money to another state or even another country do not do it.
  4. If the seller/breeder is not located in the US, avoid it. Common signs of this are messages have broken English or very poor grammar. Never wire transfer money or send money orders to other countries this is hard to trace or get back.
  5. Look for legitimate marks of an established breeder do they have a website, facebook page, multiple pictures of pugs, reviews on social media, photos of families with their dogs, etc.
  6. Think twice if a breeder mentions additional charges for insurance, shipping, vet visits, etc. This should be included in the initially agreed price.
  7. Don’t trust a seller is in a huge rush to sell the animal because they are moving or some other excuse.
  8. If a breeder seems to be charging way below market price or free for a purebred pug think twice about dealing with that seller.

So hopefully those tips help you avoid becoming a victim of a pug fraud. If you have any questions about pugs, breeding, or raising pugs do not hesitate to drop us a line we love helping pug people.

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