Sharp Pugs Puppy Policies

Regarding Putting a Puppy on Hold: Sharp Pugs reserves the right and privilege not to hold a puppy for more than 24 hrs unless previously agreed upon. The best protocol is for families to meet us at our home and decide if they want a Sharp Pug at that time. Remember, first come first serve.

Regarding our Health Guarantee: We offer a 6 month health guarantee against Congenital Diseases. The guarantee is activated when families take their Pug to a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of the take home date. If your Pug develops a Congenital Disease within the 6 month time frame then you may receive a replacement Pug from Sharp Pugs.

Regarding our Money Back Guarantee: Sharp Pugs strives to satisfy our clients. In the event that a client arrives at our home to pick up their Pug and they are not 100% satisfied they are entitled to a total refund of their money. Or, they may choose to wait until another Pug becomes available.

Regarding Pictures of Puppies: Many clients request pictures of our Pugs. Effective immediately, Sharp Pugs reserves the right and privilege to limit clients to a single picture when the Pugs are newborn to 2 weeks old and then another single picture when the Pugs are 6 weeks old.

Regarding the Choosing of a Puppy: Many clients want the ability to choose their Pug from amongst several others. If we can facilitate their requests we will do so. But, if we let one family choose then we must let them all choose and then we have a logistical problem on our hands. Therefore, Sharp Pugs reserves the right and privilege to choose and place the Pugs according to our own discretion. The best thing a family can do is tell us what they are looking for in a Pug. Coloration, gender and temperament are common requests and we can begin to look out for that amongst the litters.

Regarding Our Approval Process: In the Past we allowed people to send us deposits after filling out a brief questionnaire and being approved. From here on out we encourage our clients to simply come to our home and meet us in person. This clears the air and allows us to connect personally. This is by far the best way to see and experience the environment these Pugs are exposed too.

Here are several excellent ways you may score a total refund and exclude yourself from getting a Pug from Sharp Pugs:

1.) A Disrespectful Attitude: This may be the quickest way to exclude yourself and earn a total refund. We cannot tolerate being ridiculed and/or mocked. If you disrespect us, then we will surmise that is exactly how you will treat our Pugs and this is simply intolerable.

2.) A Sick Pug: If one of our Pugs is under the weather in any way, we take them to the Vet and/or treat them until they are better. These little animals are prone to get sick from time to time and therefore we may not let them go home due to this. We reserve the right to delay the re-homing time and a refund will be issued.

3.) Unfounded Accusations: If you doubt our integrity that is fine. We have had nefarious elements seek to scam us in the past. We understand having honest doubts about someone and their motives. But we cannot tolerate constant unfounded accusations especially after we have attempted to explain ourselves in truth. We know there is alot of fraud and scam type breeders, but we are as picky about our pugs future families. Which is why we encourage serious buyers to meet us and our pugs so we can build a relationship.

4.) Dishonesty: This usually is by those who would like to use our Pugs for their own breeding purposes. We do not sell to breeders. If you are a breeder or are thinking about breeding one of our Pugs, then you must let us know beforehand. None of our Pugs are to be adopted with breeding rights. We reserve the right to withhold all breeding rights to our Pugs. Sharp Pugs are re-homed with limited registration. We will consider working with another breeder, but this must be discussed well in advance. Violation of this policy will also score you a total refund and exclude you from our Pugs.

Regarding Adoption- Sharp Pugs reserves the right and privilege to at any time leading up to the adoption of a puppy to not re-home a puppy with a family for reasons we deem appropriate. In other words, the puppy does not belong to you unless you have appeared in our home or vice versa or another public meeting place and filled out the proper paperwork.

Regarding Deposits- Sharp Pugs will no longer accept deposits from potential clients. From now on, unless previously agreed upon, we will allow our Pugs to be adopted on a first come first serve basis. A deposit to us does not mean someone owns the puppy. We reserve the right and privilege to refund a deposit at any time for any reason we deem necessary.

All of our policies is designed to make sure that our beloved pugs is placed in a safe healthy enviroment that loves pugs as much as we do. We try so hard to make our families very happy. We view these dear people as extensions of our family!